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Brett Johnson

Q&A with Brett

What is your favorite pre-game meal?
Al's Grill.

Do you have a pre-game ritual? If so, what is it?
Getting the the rink early to mentally and physically prepare.

Favorite NHL player, and why?
Matt Barzal. He’s fun to watch.

Best hockey moment this year?
Playing 3v3 OT hockey for the first time.

What is the best memory you have of high school hockey?
Playing fenwick twice and beating them both times .

What is your favorite memory about youth hockey?
Throwing up at my first ever game.

If you didn’t play hockey what would you be doing?

What is something none of your teammates know about you?
I hate cantaloupe.

What advice would you leave for your Junior / Sophomore / Freshman teammates?
Get the right amount of sleep.

Do you have plans after high school? If so, what?
Attend school and keep playing hockey.

What do you want to be doing in 20 years?
Making a lot of money.